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glazou: we start at 7am PST, 4pm Paris time ; I will answer to one question at a time ; if you are not asking a question, please remain silent ; in particular do NOT answer to questions please. ok let's start :

ragnaar: Hello, Daniel, Hi all :) And so… What about Nvu future?
glazou: ragnaar : Nvu future is Mozilla Composer
glazou: ragnaar: I already started committing code to mozilla/composer on trunk
paul: Nvu, any plan to port it in xulrunner ?
glazou: paul: yes, Mozilla Composer _is_ a xulrunner app
goetsu: question : is there any chance to see mozilla composer in an .xpi for integration with a CMS
glazou: goetsu: hmmm, I have no such plan for the time being
goetsu: for something like HTMLarera
glazou: goetsu: for HTMLArea, brade and I need to improve Midas
djc: Nvu/Composer - what's the difference?
glazou: Nvu is a registered trademark by Linspire and is not xulrunner-based
brade & mcs: Will Mozilla Composer have similar goals and features as Nvu?
glazou: brade: yes, plus new features
glazou: Composer will be hosted by cvs.mozilla.org and is a xulrunner app
\_o<: Will be Composer better than VIM, and why ?
glazou: \_o<: care to use a more writable nick ???
pascalc: Mozilla Composer with be based on the 1.8 branch right ?
glazou: pascalc: trunk
pjc: What will be your future relations with Linspire ?
glazou: pjc: that's an excellent question ; I started Mozilla Composer w/o them
troll: will the new mozilla composer suck less than NVU ?
glazou: troll: welcome
richard: what about cascade ?
glazou: richard: CaScadeS 2 will be a commercial add-on to Mozilla Composer
richard: when ?
glazou: richard: no ETA
pascalc: Will Mozilla Composer (M/C in short?) have the FTP sidebar ?
glazou: pascalc: I hope to do MUCH better than that
glazou: with a full site manager
glazou: I wonder if we can reuse some code from FireFTP
djc: Who is working on Mozilla Composer aside from yourself?
glazou: djc: brade when she has time and Neil Rashbrook
zer: what about your plans/talks/UI about The Gimp ? Is there any project or initiatives going on ?
youpi: do you earn money with Nvu ?
glazou: youpi: no
richard: what's you main motivation to swicth apple ??
glazou: ability to build on Linux + Win + OS X on one single machine
paul: you're currently working on several projet: Wengo extension, updating composer, Etna… other projets ?
glazou: paul: yes, I have a few other ideas :-)
richard: you plan to install the 3 systems ?
glazou: richard: yes
troll: small screen rendering xpi of course
glazou: troll: I am still working on that yes, for minimo
Vincent: Have you already plans for a 2.0 version of Nvu, beside the commercial extentions you already mention ?
glazou: Vincent: not yet, I just started writing a few ideas for a feature set
djc: SSR - only for Minimo?
glazou: djc: it's a stylesheet anyway ; you can use it wherever you want
gabber745: Will Etna move to xul runner ?
glazou: 745: good question…
Laurentj: gabber745: yes
pascalc: Will M/C include IE preview à la IEtab ?
glazou: pascalc: IE Preview ????
glazou: pascalc: you want a preview using IE in Mozilla Composer ?
paul: Yeah, great idea
_Tsk_: glazou yes IE7
_Tsk_: glazou if feasible yes that would be neat and help the adoption of standard tools
ragnaar: You Mozilla Composer and Seamonkey's Composer will develop together?
glazou: ragnaar: no that's impossible ; they will reuse use when we are ready
glazou: _Tsk, pascalc: not sure then
pascalc: glazou, yes
glazou: I am not sure I want to embed MSHTML :-)
goetsu: how to specify an image map with nvu
glazou: goetsu: you cant for the time being
_Tsk_: How are you going to fund M/C 's development ?
glazou: _Tsk_: our own money, and we hope to sell “pro” extensions in the future
goetsu: nvu will support drap and drop off html page?
glazou: goetsu: I don't understand
brade & mcs: Are you done with Wengo? How is that going?
Nicolas: I've got a stupid question : Disruptive Innovations Software are free, how do you earn money ?
glazou: Nicolas: see above
youpi: when will we have wengo for firefox / linux ?
zer: don't know if you got mine so here it goes : what about your plans/talks about The Gimp's UI ?
glazou: zer: *sigh*
glazou: zer: apparently, XULifying the UI of the Gimp is too hard
paul: I 've seen that you release a Wengo Extension for Linux, is there any way to get the source code ? (libstdc++ problem)
glazou: paul: wengo source code is ENTIRELY gpl
_Tsk_: Is there a roadmap for M/C ?
Poil: or any time for the first release?
glazou: too many interfaces below
richard: will css factorisation be one day available ? is there someone known to work on that ??
glazou: richard: that's a very difficult task ; we met some while ago Nadine Saint-Amand and she's supposed to work on it
gabber791: Any plans for NVU 1.0 + ?
glazou: 791: not yet, started working on it
goetsu: when i drap an html page in NVU i want to have the code off this page and it's the giving me the path to the file
glazou: goetsu: right, that's what we wanted to do
goetsu: why?
ragnaar: I see _Mozilla_ Composer... whether it means that it is new project MoFo?
glazou: ragnaar, not yet, but at least this is done in full cooperation with Moz
glazou: brendan and chofmann and I discussed the name long ago
richard: we could think css is factorized in the memory of gecko ??
glazou: richard: yes, Hixie had proposals for that
glazou: because you insert more links than you open pages
_Tsk_: Any roadmap available somewhere ?
glazou: _Tsk_ not yet
goetsu: i not sur off that it's an html editor
paul: Composer is currently based on Toolkit, right ? or XPFE ?
glazou: paul: Nvu is based on 80% toolkit and 20% xpfe
glazou: M/C will be based solely on toolkit
gabber799: every thought about adding XUL-Composition to Composer?
glazou: 799: aaaaah, that's a longstanding question and that's incredibly hard
goetsu: maybe when you dragg a page inside the content but not when you drag on the interface
paul: Lot of works needed I think ?
_Tsk_: Bon et tu penses que Villepin va sauter ? que Chirac va demissionner, qu'on va se refaire un 1789 ?
glazou: _Tsk_: english here
glazou: _Tsk_: I think Villepin should resign yes
goetsu: i can't drag my page on the nvu icon on my dock
zer: are you and Laurent lobbying the MoFo and MoCo to really OPEN the mozilla platform to developpers (I mean the Average Joe wanting a RAD, not a top notch hacker) ?
glazou: zer: no we don't
glazou: zer: you probably saw the answers when I said that on my blog “gecko is not a platform” done
djc: Aside from Composer, will Gecko benefit from the years of off-trunk Nvu development (I'm thinking along the lines of serializer improvements etc.)?
glazou: djc: yes, that's the plan
pascalc: will M/C allow to work on PHP based templates ? Currently you can include some php code in NVU but you can't work directly on PHP templates
glazou: pascalc: a DOM-based editor will NEVER be able to load a PHP page with chunks of markup inside…
gabber799: is MC sorta the test for moving to XulRunner, or is everything else moving soon too?
glazou: 799: we are going to move Wengo to xulrunner too
glazou: it's not a test
Laurentj: 799: i'm going to move Etna to xulrunner
glazou: and Firefox will be some day a xulrunner app too
ragnaar: Localization teams must get ready? :)
glazou: it's the next version
troll: maybe must php move on an xml syntax ?
glazou: PHP is a server-side language
troll: to support NVU
glazou: don't expect to edit it client-side outside of a dedicated editor or text editor
paul: “we are going to move Wengo to xulrunner too” Really ? GREAT !
djc: “glazou: 799: aaaaah, that's a longstanding question and that's incredibly hard” - what are the disadvantages of implementing XUL editing? Too much work? Out of the scope of Composer?
Laurentj: djc: XUL is not only a markup language, but also a xbl based language
glazou: djc: there are a lot of problems with dynamic XUL
Laurentj: so it is difficult to do a wysiwyg editor for that
brade & mcs: Any idea how long it will take to get to MC 1.0?
glazou: brade: I have no idea unfortunately
pascalc: actually, I'd just would like it not to modify my php and to allow me to start a document (before the DTD line) with php code (output buffering)
glazou: pascalc: M/C will never allow that
_Tsk_: is distruptive inovation going to hire more developers
glazou: _Tsk_: yes we may hire again, depending on new contracts
zer: What do you think of the emergence of software like SongBird ? Ain't it a great hope to spread Moz' as a platform ?
glazou: zer: Songbird is the best proof that Mozilla is a reliable platform for apps that have almost nothing to do with web browsing
paul: and a basic editor ?
_Tsk_: Will you sell support for M/C ?
ragnaar: Thunderbird, Sunbird, Firefox… May be new Composer need new name?
pascalc: Will M/C allow direct dynamic CSS editing like the EditCSS extension or webdeveloper toolbar ?
_Tsk_: Will you have a separate website ala Camino ?
glazou: _Tsk_: hmmmm. why not ?-)
glazou: _Tsk_: no idea
troll: GlazouFox !
troll: GlazBird
glazou: troll: bird flu banned aviary names :-)
zer: (end of my platform questions :) ) Do you (as Michael Gerard does) fear the emergence of XAML if the MozPlatform is not sufficiently opened to developpers in time ?
glazou: zer: XAML is weaker than XUL and harder for students because you have to buy MSVC
brade & mcs: No plans to change the name away from Composer, right? Please do not change it.
glazou: brade: no we are not going to change it
glazou: brade: I had LOTS of chats with MozCo about that
richard: what tools do you use for you work on nvu ??
glazou: richard: msvc + notepad++ + notetab on win, everything usual on linux
_Tsk_: Are the checkings you did today based on NVU ?
glazou: _Tsk_: almost not ; I rewrote almost everything from scratch
richard: no JS debugger ?
glazou: richard: yes ; I already use Venkman in that new beast
_Tsk_: This means thta most of the work in nvu will be rewritten to get to the trunk ?
goetsu: is disruptive innovations web 2.0 ?
glazou: goetsu: we're too disruptive to be only 2.0 ;-)
richard: do you know why venckman for firefox 1.5 was so long to come ?
glazou: richard: because nobody made the onliner change for it ?
richard: it means that it's not very used by devs
glazou: richard: you say devs don't use Venkman ???
richard: i guess
glazou: bwahahaha
djc: What is Composer's mission?
glazou: djc: provide computer users with an easy-to-use, standards compliant, UI friendly editor for the Web
richard: or are they working with ff 1.0
_Tsk_: Will there be M/C tinderboxen ?
glazou: _Tsk_: I hope so, yes
paul: Do you have any prognostic about the future of Gecko ? Multimedia ? Office (a la OOo) ? Other ?
glazou: paul: ask brendan eich and mitchell baker ?
glazou: paul: more seriously, I think it's going to be a hit as a platform
joss: Do you think jabber + jingle (audio support) could win the “battle” of VOIP ?
glazou: joss: no, I wouldn't bet on it
goetsu: is there any job opportunity in disruptive innovation
_Tsk_: Do you intend to get on the branches for ff 2 and FF 3 are will you stay on the trunk for some time before branching for stable releasess ?
glazou: _Tsk_: I'll stay on the trunk for the time being
_Tsk_: Question on Life : I lost my gf last weekend any tips you could geive me to get her back with me ?
glazou: _Tsk_: tell her I disagree with what she did ;-)
glazou: we'll stop this session in 5 minutes, people.
goetsu: is there any job opportunity in disruptive innovation ?
glazou: not at this time, but possibly in a short term future
djc: What's the status of ETNA? How far along is it?
glazou: djc: 1.0 is the goal ?
Laurentj: djc: a new version that fixesmany many bugs wil be released in one or two weeks
gabber908: any further development of Nvu
_Tsk_: glazou how would you qualify Epitha ?
glazou: _Tsk: what is epitha ?
paul: I think he wants to talk about Epita school
_Tsk_: galzou a computing french school where the answer should have been 42
glazou: Epita used to be a pirates' cave ; it's better now :-)
brade & mcs: Thanks for the updates!
glazou: brade: you're welcome !
glazou: brade: and I hope you'll port Page Saver and others to M/C
gabber143: when wiill there be a linux version of openwengo's extension? is there any date planned?
glazou: 143: yes there is but they have problems with a few distros ; stay tuned
joss: do you refuse a lot of contracts for DI because of the terms ?
glazou: joss: no ; we just stopped a contract recently ; we sort the requests we receive and don't even discuss when it's not in our scope
gabber908: it'd be nice if you brought comments back on your blog, means we could ask questions anytime in the day
glazou: 908: comments attract trollers, and I can't stand trollers
gabber624: vraiment sympathique dommage qu'il n'y ai pas le meme sur Xulfr
glazou: 624: indeed...
djc: When will the next chat session be? :)
glazou: djc: no idea :-)
jmfayard: Hello Daniel, sorry to talk about “franchouillardise” but I remembered tocan't help to ask you how you feel to have predicted long before others that our lovely Ségolène would be the candidate de … glazman.org… 2004/03/29… le-candidat-du-ps-a-la-presidentielle-de-2007
glazou: eheh
glazou: jmfayard: yeah, I think I understand quite well how french politicians think and work ;-)
YannHamon: just a technical question, where can I fond this applet? Is tihs IRC?
glazou: http://gabbly.com
_Tsk_: will you accept donations to fund M/C ?
glazou: _Tsk_: yes
joss: When will you interview Nicolas Sarkozy ?
glazou: joss: he already has my questions, but he's a bit busy these days :-)
gabber908: it's a shame about the trollers I used to like the legit comments on here
djc: Thanks for the chat, I hope everything goes well :-)
glazou: =====STOP=====
glazou: thanks guys ; that's enough for a first time, a bit exhausting
glazou: bye !
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