Asa Dotzler rapporte que l'équipe de développement d'Internet Explorer a mis en place un blog collaboratif sur MSDN. Dean le Product Unit Manager d'IE présente les buts de l'IEBlog :

Our goal in this blog is to be a good place, direct from the source, for information about IE. What are we working on? How do we make decisions? Why does some part of IE work the way it does? What keeps us up late at night? What are we thinking of around security, extensibility, and other key areas? Hey, any good tips and tricks?

Some people on the team have already been doing this on their own (see the links to the left), and I expect them to continue. We'll do our best to round up information from other sites as well as providing original content. We'll also do our best to make this useful and enjoyable. At any time, please tell us how we're doing.

p.s. we promise an explanation of Microsoft titles, roles, and responsibilities in a future post.

Scott Stearns, Test Manager d'IE, renouvelle sa profession de foi pour IE (l'emphase est de lui) :

I am :Scott Stearns, the test manager for the Microsoft Internet Explorer team (as Dean says we will be pulling together full bios of people later). The IE team as we usually say. Some of us have our individual blogs today, but we also wanted to have one that was focused on what we do every day at work – make Internet Explorer the best way for browsing the web. I realize that statement will cause some people to chuckle based on current press on security issues and perceived lack of innovation, but that is my job. I have spend the better part of the last year working long hours and weekends to push IE forward with XP Service Pack 2, which is about increasing security while balancing application compatibility, but that is not all.

Pourtant au-delà de pack sécuritaire pour XP qui devrait sortir en août (s'il n'est pas encore repoussé), les perspectives de développement d'IE ne semblent pas clairement définies. Ainsi, Dave Massy, Program Manager d'IE, déclare sur son blog :

As Tony Chor the Group Program Manager for IE said on Channel 9 a couple of months ago there is a renewed effort on Internet Explorer. The immediate focus is on security improvements and you can clearly see great progress there in Windows XP SP2. There are currently no plans to release a new version of Internet Explorer prior to Longhorn when it will be delivered as part of the new OS. As the team completes Windows XP SP2 we are starting to think about what we will deliver as a great browser in Longhorn which is why the feedback now is so useful.

Ce même Dave Massy nous rassure quelque peu sur le futur IE :

I think it's safe to say that we have heard the requests for tabbed browsing although interestingly there have been a few requests for us not to implement that feature. I can also tell you that it's unlikely that we'll start to use another browser such as Mozilla/Gecko in Windows but thanks for the helpful suggestion anyway.

En plus du blog de Dave Massy, Tony Schreiner et jeffdav publient aussi leur blog sur IE. Et comme j'en parlais dans un précédent billet, le wiki de retours sur IE est publié sur Channel 9.


Dave Massy's WebLog :

adot's notblog*, ie team blog, 22 juil. 2004, Asa Dotzler