Disponible hier pour les utilisateurs de Linspire, Nvu 0.30 peut désormais être téléchargé pour Windows et Linux. L'installeur pour Windows pèse 7,5 Mo. J'en dirai plus quand je l'aurais suffisamment essayé. Je reproduis ci-dessous la liste des nouveautés en anglais :

Change Log

  • based on Mozilla 1.7 RC3
  • Tip of the Day widget added (code contribution by Philippe Goetz)
  • The site manager can now handle local sites through file:/// URLs (see 0.20 Known Issues)
  • Publishing Site Settings dialog has been modified, a lot of people complaining about it
  • Table Insertion dialog modified to allow one-click insertion; values in the “Precisely” panel are now persistent
  • Writing direction control added to Format menu and to customizable toolbars
  • Class assignment dropdown menu to the selection added to customizable toolbars
  • ID and class assignment menus added to contextl click in structure toolbar
  • Correct handling of DT and DD elements; added corresponding buttons to customizable toolbars
  • Format > Font menu and corresponding toolbar's dropdown menu now query only once the system's font list
  • Spellchecker enabled
  • Markup cleaner added under Tools menu
  • File extension is handled correctly again in the filepicker (see 0.20 Known Issues)
  • The user can now specify a document's language and writing direction through the document properties; default language and default writing direction can be specify through Preferences.
  • MadeWithNvu smart widget
  • An online bug report/suggestion page can be reached through the Help menu (warning, this page will be available only June 18th)

Known issues

  • The Publishing Site Settings dialog is missing a button to select a local directory as the root of a site for local HD browsing in the site manager
Glazblog, Nvu 0.30 is now available for Windows and Linux, 14 juin 2004, Daniel Glazman